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Always Look and Feel Your Best 

About the Brand

Shadow of Love is a fashion brand. Our company was created to produce unique merchandise that make people always look and feel their best.

We create products that motivates, educates, protects or enhances the customer in a fashionable way. Our brand is the go to of all choices because it is fashionable, comfortable, and unique. It is made for those who love to make a great first impression. We pride ourselves on our style and creativity that we put into each one of our pieces with one thing in mind, you! 

About the Designer 

Since the age of 14, Crystal always had a passion for designing. She began drawing several fashion designs and created her first collection. Crystal later attended Brooklyn College where she learned entrepreneurship skills and graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Business. While attending her last semester in college she hand-made fashion jewelry and was able to sell it to students at school. During that time she also took several internships that taught her basic jewelry techniques. Interning allowed her to visualize how she could bring her old drawings to life. She bought materials from several suppliers and started putting pieces together creating beautiful jewelry. 


After graduating Brooklyn College, Crystal worked for several small businesses and learned the in's and out's of operating a business, which led her to creating her own business. She is now the CEO of Shadow of Love, and strives to bring artistically, creative, and new ideas to market.